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Natural Jute Twine for Gift Wrapping Packaging, Wholesale Lot of 4 Rolls 100 feet


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Natural unpolished jute twine is excellent to use for decorating, crafts and package wrapping. It is easy to handle and holds knots securely.All-Natural Twisted Fibers with a Raw Silk Appearance.

Pack of 4 rolls, each roll with 33 meter (100 feet), you can cut freely according to the length

  • Use to tie gift boxes or hanging tags
  • Perfect Use for shipping departments, industrial packaging, bundling, arts and crafts and gardening applications.
  • Natural fibers grip tightly ,Easy to use and easy to carry
  • You get 4 rolls, each with 100 feet of Jute, you can cut freely according to the length
  • Sealed in Ziplock bag